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If You’re Not on LinkedIn, You Don’t Exist

Published by Sue Montgomery on

Get Serious About LinkedIn

If you’re serious about your job search, you need to get serious about LinkedIn. Every time I talk to someone about developing a resume, I ask, “Are you on LinkedIn?”

Many people have heard of it but don’t really understand what it is or how it works. Some are actually on LinkedIn but their page provides almost no information. And others don’t have a clue.

In today’s fast-changing world, technology is a driving force. It affects how you look for work. And one of the best technology innovations for job seekers is the social media website, LinkedIn.

Companies now pay to attach to LinkedIn’s network.  They wouldn’t keep paying the money if they weren’t getting a good return on their investments.

It’s Where the Recruiters Go

LinkedIn is the place recruiters and hiring managers go to find great candidates. More often than they visit job boards. The latest statistics I’ve seen show that 85% of hiring managers and executive recruiters rely on LinkedIn for leads. So you had better be there.

Make Sure Your LinkedIn Profile is Complete

Joining LinkedIn, however, isn’t enough. Your page (profile) has to be done right if it’s going to connect you with recruiters and hiring managers, enhance the effectiveness of your network, and make you easier to find online.

You need to start with a great, high-resolution photograph. A professional looking head shot; not a glamour pix. Your face needs to be clearly recognizable and any background should be relevant to your personal brand. For instance, a book with a librarian or a beaker with a lab tech.

List your industry and location (city, state or area). Show your current position and describe it briefly. Make sure at least two of your employers are listed under experience. Keep your experience relevant to the type of job you’re seeking and go back in your work history about 15 years.

Highlight a minimum of five or six skills and list your education

Create your LinkedIn headline. This should include your name and credentials, be unique to you, and filled with keywords. Emphasize your personal brand and use language that persuades viewers to contact you.

The LinkedIn Summary

The LinkedIn Summary is a very important of your page. It’s the chance to tell your story. It describes you and cannot be applied to anyone else. It should be written as a narrative, and in first-person, flow well, not duplicate information found elsewhere on your page.  It should get readers interested enough to want to learn keep reading.

Sue Montgomery PotraitSue Montgomery is founder and president of Resume Plus ( She is a professional resume writer and career coach who markets people for the jobs they want. Contact Sue directly at 937-254-5627 or email