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Turn Your Thank You Letter Into A Job-Cinching Letter

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A New Type Of Thank You Letter

thank_you_letter_optSending a post-interview thank-you letter is a great job-search strategy. Recently, however, a colleague shared an idea that can turn your thank-you letter into the most powerful weapon in your job-search arsenal. My colleague’s recommendation? Send a “job-cinching” letter. This type of thank-you letter is networking at its best.

How It Works

After the interview, spend a few minutes imagining you’ve been hired. Think about what you and the interviewer discussed. Maybe it was the need to increase market share. Or perhaps bring down the cost of materials.

When you write your thank-you letter, show you were paying attention by telling the interviewer what you would do in your first six months on the job to solve that problem. You don’t have to present a detailed plan. Just say you wanted to do more than say thank you. You wanted to share a few ideas.

At the end of the letter, mention you’ll call in a few days to get the interviewer’s reaction. Then don’t forget to call! And when you do, remind the interviewer you sent some ideas a few days ago and wondered if they’ll work for the company. Most likely, your thank-you letter and phone call will get to the interviewer while interviews are still being held. And they’ll put you ahead of the competition!

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