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It’s a Tougher Job Market for Millennials

Published by Sue Montgomery on

What’s the Job Outlook for Millennials?

millenial-for-hire_opt-150x132Why are Millennials (the 20-something generation) finding it so hard to get full-time jobs?  Thanks to changes in healthcare benefits, minimum wage laws and a host of other issues, the Millennials are quickly becoming known as “the new lost generation.” Only about one third of them have full-time jobs (the lowest in more than 40 years) and the unemployment rate for this group is more than twice the national average.

Employers no longer have confidence in an economy that continues to threaten their ability to grow businesses and make profits. So, they’re letting go of the least skilled workers, and these are typically younger people (Millennials).

Baby Boomers are another problem. They aren’t retiring; some because they can’t; others because they don’t want to. Many of them look for jobs to supplement retirement and Social Security income. grad now what_optThey’re content with part-time jobs, don’t need healthcare, require less training than younger workers, and are often considered more dependable. How can Millennials compete with that?

Bottom Line

My advice for a Millennial is to learn something you can sell. Getting a college degree is great but a lot of new graduates are finding out it’s not enough to get a job. Consider going to technical schools where you can learn how to be a nurse, x-ray technician, computer programmer, executive assistant, machinist, electrician, or some other skilled trade. You may even consider starting your own business.

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