Time Invested in Research Delivered Great Results

Knowing where the company was…and where it wanted to be…were
deciding factors in getting Jane the job offer.

The Situation

When Jane called Résumé Plus, you could hear the excitement in her voice. She had learned that Moen Faucets was recruiting sales professionals and would be holding group interviews the following week.

Jane thought Moen could offer her opportunities for growth, great benefits, and stable employment. (It was also close to her home; something she found very appealing.)

Jane had been a Résumé Plus client for a few years. We had written and updated her résumé, and she was confident it would get her the interview. She was nervous about getting beyond that and felt interview coaching might help.

The Solution

We began Jane’s interview coaching with a simple question: “Why do you want to work at Moen?” Her answer was anticipated. “It’s just a few blocks from my apartment. I think it will offer more job stability than where I’m working now, and I’ve heard that Moen pays well and has good benefits.”

We advised Jane to focus not on what Moen could do for her but on what she could contribute to Moen. We suggested she research the company to find out if Moen’s sales were up or down last year, what challenges the company faced, and if its’ industry standing had improved or gone down?

We helped Jane formulate responses by providing examples of her success. If Moen’s sales were down, show how she had raised sales for her employer. If sales were up, talk about how she had kept them climbing for her employer. Discuss how she had helped her employer meet challenges and keep moving forward as an industry leader.

The Result

Several weeks after Jane’s interview coaching concluded, she called to say that when asked why they wanted to work for Moen, every other candidate in the group interview gave self-serving answers like the great benefits Moen offered and how close it was to where they lived.

She was the only one who talked about the research she had done on Moen, what she had learned, and where she thought the company could benefit from her knowledge and experience. To back up her claims, Jane offered examples of her prior performance in areas she felt would be of greatest interest to Moen.

Jane was called back for interviews with the district sales manager and the vice president of sales. Both went well, and she was offered the job.

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