Terminated Executive with Limited Employment Options Lands Two Positions

As City Manager there is only one such position in each community.
With the right tools and coaching, he was able to secure employment after being fired.

The Situation

Dennis, a city manager in a state located in the Great Plains Region, was depressed from being terminated after clashing with his new boss. He had an excellent track record of accomplishments over 15 years—until a new administration led to a new supervisor.

To complicate matters, there is only such position in a city. That meant he and his family had to relocate. He had two cities in mind, one of which was the family’s preference because they had previously lived there and had friends.

His résumé lacked accomplishments and did not communicate what differentiated him from his competition which would be extensive. Countless people from across the state would be vying for a few positions, and most didn’t want to relocate.

He was particularly concerned because he had not interviewed let alone searched for 15 years. His skills were rusty to say the least. He didn’t know where to begin and was spinning his wheels in confusion. That’s when he decided to search online and found us.

The Solution

We chatted about the challenges that his search represented… a lackluster résumé that was more historical in nature, lack of confidence in his ability to interview or tell the best story in light of his recent termination.

The plan went into motion: develop a compelling résumé chock full of measurable achievements, identify the cities he wanted to reach out to as well as the contacts, boost his interviewing skills, and prepare his responses to the sensitive questions about his termination.

We rebuilt his résumé, developed cover letters, coached him in having conversations with people who would have insights into the cities he was targeting, and prepared him to interview through role playing as well as addressing challenging questions.

The very thought of interviewing brought about performance anxiety. To relieve the anxiety and assist him with reframing the interview process, we trained him on a visualization exercise that enabled him to picture a successful outcome.

As he reached out, he learned that two of his target communities were conducting searches for city managers. Now, with the tools, interview coaching, and anxiety under control, he was ready to move forward in a positive direction.

The Result

His new résumé generated three interviews in cities where he and his family wanted to relocate. He sailed through the lengthy interview process and won two job offers out of the three. Both were highly competitive and his confidence was restored. He was set for a new beginning in his career.

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