Teacher Transitions from Education to a New Career in Sales

Knowing how to identify and transfer your skills to another field is key to success.

The Situation

Susan had been employed as an elementary school teacher during the past eight years. Although she was an effective teacher with great performance evaluations, she realized that it was not her cup of tea.

She wasn’t sure what she wanted to pursue, but had a couple of ideas that she had not yet fleshed out. She read a book about finding a new purpose and direction in life. That’s when she found our contact information.

Her initial question: What else can I do with my experience—without getting a new degree—and how do I get there?

The Solution

During our Initial Consultation, we explained to Susan that her teaching skills provided an excellent foundation for other types of jobs within and outside of education, including sales rep, corporate trainer, education writer, education policy specialist, curriculum developer, academic advisor, education consultant, instructional designer, test developer, to name a few.

We began by identifying her professional interests (the things she enjoyed doing), strengths, skills, and type of work environment. Sales jumped to #1. Before launching a job search immediately, it was important to conduct research to reality test her career option. That is, talk to a few people in different types of sales, learn about the profession, ask questions, and check out how her skills would fit.

This exercise led to a career focus: pharmaceutical sales. We built her résumé and cover letter targeted to the new career target by translating her skills and writing about her experience and accomplishments without any education industry jargon.

The next step was to coach her in how to research and approach employers, build and reach out to her contacts, present her experience in a new “language” for sales positions during interviews, and communicate her value—that is, to answer the question: why should we hire you?

The Result

Her new résumé led to five interviews with pharmaceutical companies. She effectively conveyed her value proposition during the interviews and won three job offers out of the five with companies she was most interested in joining.

In this highly competitive field, each of the job offers she secured paid significantly more than her highest salary as a teacher. She was a quick learner and completed her company-sponsored training to begin a new career in pharmaceutical sales.

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