Marketing Major Lands Dream Job with Four Leading Global Brands

Knowing how to search for positions, research employers’ needs, and connect with the right hiring managers was key to winning job offers.

The Situation

George was referred to us by a former client after an unsuccessful search. He had graduated a year earlier as a marketing major and wanted a position with a leading brand in the tech industry. However, he had completed an internship in marketing that he was not leveraging on his résumé.

In fact, his résumé was bare bones—an outline of his short-term foodservice jobs during and after attending college. Nothing on his résumé reflected his knowledge of marketing gained from his coursework and lengthy internship. His résumé started with his education and degree plus major followed by his employment history.

Like many people, he basically spent his time searching for postings online—all of which stated, at least, a few years of experience in the field of marketing. His efforts led to zero interviews from numerous job postings—except for the type of unsolicited jobs that he was not interested in such as commission sales.

Feeling quite discouraged and frustrated by the lack of response, he felt hopeless about ever getting a position in his intended profession. So, he reached out to us on his friend’s advice.

The Solution

During our first consultation, we discussed the challenges he was facing. He was searching only online and using a résumé that lacked any content related to his career target. In addition, he needed specific job search strategies to follow because he never had to search for a professional position.

First, we talked to him about his marketing education such as coursework, class projects, and related followed by his marketing internship. This process helped him to identify his valuable areas of knowledge, skill sets, and experience in the marketing field so that we could create a targeted résumé to showcase his qualifications.

In addition, we planned out his search strategies to implement, including identifying the hiring manager at his target employers and building a contacts list. He had several employers in mind; all were top global companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

We coached him in how to use LinkedIn for research and how to reach out and connect with contacts along with his target employers. We also provided interview role play sessions that helped him learn how to present his experience and win the offer.

The Result

Once he implemented the search plan and approached his network, he was successful in gaining referrals to five of his target employers. He was interviewed for marketing positions that would also help him learn and advance his skills.

Within 55 days, out of the five target employers, he received three offers in marketing helping him kick off his career and potential advancement opportunities.

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