Manufacturing Experience + MBA = Manufacturing Plant Manager

Personal branding, reporting quantifiable achievements and switching from a shotgun to a rifle approach lands client his first plant manager job.

The Situation

Jim had nearly 10 years of experience in manufacturing, most of it supporting and leading teams in quality assurance. He had worked hard at his job, moving from an entry-level position to QA Manager. He had also worked hard at earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees by attending school at night. (This was before you could attend classes online.)

About a year after receiving his MBA, Jim contacted Résumé Plus about revamping his résumé. His goal was to remain in manufacturing but at a higher level, Plant Manager.

Jim had been sending out résumés for several months and received many thanks-but-no-thanks letters. He had, however, gotten no interviews.

The Solution

A review of Jim’s résumé showed that he needed to change its structure from a shotgun approach to a rifle approach.

Jim had begun his résumé with a long summary paragraph of general information about his work history and employers. This shotgun style of writing was continued throughout the résumé. Nothing captured readers’ attention or inspired them to invest the time needed to look for reasons Jim would be a good plant manager.

We rewrote and redesigned Jim’s résumé using a rifle approach. The summary communicated his personal brand. It also quickly reported the strengths, education, experience, skills, and achievements Jim had that aligned well with requirements for being a plant manager. In essence, readers could just check off the boxes, then call Jim for an interview.

We backed up claims made in the summary throughout the balance of Jim’s résumé. We reported his leadership success and used measurable terms to show contributions Jim had made to every employer. Potential employers could see how much money he had saved, how much he had raised productivity, and how well he had managed people and operations.

The Result

About three months after we delivered Jim’s new résumé to him, he called to say he had been in his new role (plant manager) for more than a month. It had required him to move his family from Dayton to Minnesota (a tough decision) but so far it was working out well.

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