Commodities Broker Making a Career Change

A commodities broker lost his job when his industry became obsolete and was unemployed for two years.

The Situation

Bill, a commodities broker, was referred to us for job search coaching after his position was eliminated following his industry’s decline. He had been searching for two years and had responded to about 9,000 job postings … that’s correct, 9,000. He fired away his résumé to every management-level position that sounded interesting even if not a match.

He also wanted to change careers because his industry sector had become obsolete. However, his résumé was geared to his career of 30 years rather than revamped to his new career target as a purchasing director.

As he mentioned to us, he thought that he was doing “all the right things” in his search by simply “answering as many job postings as possible.” That was his only strategy. His efforts led to just one interview from the 9,000 job postings.

At this point, he was quite frustrated and depressed because the lack of response left him feeling totally unmarketable.

The Solution

During our initial consultation, we identified two issues. He was using an untargeted résumé and lacked a concrete job search plan with specific strategies to execute.

We helped him to identify his transferable skills, leadership strengths, purchasing experience, and achievements relevant to purchasing management and developed a targeted résumé to showcase his qualifications.

In addition, we helped him to create a job search plan with specific strategies to implement such as identifying and approaching target employers, networking, using LinkedIn, and more. We also coached him on his interviewing skills to build his confidence.

The Result

He implemented the search plan and began getting interviews for positions in his target career field. Within 60 days, he received two offers as purchasing director with target employers at the compensation level he needed.

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