Client with Limited Experience Beats 699 Other Applicants to Land Her Dream Job

Highlighting personal experiences and transferable skills were
key to getting the interview…and the job!

The Situation

The wife of a Los Angeles doctor wanted to apply for the concierge position at a luxury hotel moving into her area. In our first conversation, she said, “This is something I really want to do but I don’t have any experience. The only job I’ve had is working as a receptionist for my husband’s medical practice. Do you think I should even bother to apply?”

We asked why she wanted to be a concierge. She said that she and her husband had stayed in many luxury hotels during their extensive travels, so she had seen a lot of concierges in action. They talked to a wide variety of people, handled several things at the same time, and were not confined to desks. She thought being a concierge looked like it was fun, interesting and something she would enjoy.

The Solution

In developing her résumé, we emphasized her nontraditional experience and achievements.

  • She was an international traveler.
  • She was very familiar with what guests wanted and expected from a concierge.
  • She was a native of Los Angeles, so she knew all the sites of interest, the best restaurants, great places to shop, etc.
  • She easily engaged with many different kinds of people (a skill gained through travel and working with her husband’s patients).

The Result

A few weeks after her résumé had been delivered, she called to say she got the job.

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