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When clients take the time to tell me about new jobs they have found and important career decisions they have made, I am both excited and humbled to be part of their success.

I want to share some of these wonderful emails and letters with you. I hope you enjoy them and will find encouragement and inspiration from reading about the experiences of others.

I have been meaning to email you but have been so busy interviewing the last couple of weeks. I just wanted to say thank you!

I was really hesitant to spend the money to have my resume professionally written. In retrospect, it was the best money I have ever spent. Not only has it helped me get more interviews than I can keep up with, but it has also been praised everywhere I go.

The quality of companies that call me after finding my resume online has been outstanding as well. Companies like Microsoft and Dell have had their recruiters calling me!

Hiring managers and recruiters have all made comments to the effect of “this is the best resume I have ever seen for someone in your field.” I can’t prove it, but I also think it’s gotten me in the door for jobs that offer more money than I would have otherwise been able to attain.

I have recommended Resume Plus to several colleagues who have also been very impressed with the resume you created for me. Bottom line, the resume you created for me is outstanding and has exceeded all expectations. As a result, I wanted to take the time to say thanks!
Mike MacDonald, Cincinnati, OH

I appreciate your many kind words. You have an excellent background. It was a matter of focusing your strengths so potential employers could easily see what you bring to the table.

Hi Sue,
I want to thank you for all of your help. Since hiring you to do my resume, my income has more than doubled. I also had an employer tell me I was hired based on the cover letter you wrote for me. Great work!
William Estell, Beaverton, OR

I am so glad for you. I have always believed that the cover letter is as important as the resume. Your experience certainly points that out.

Hello Sue,
I am happy to announce that I am officially a Federal employee! Thank you so much for all your help with my resume. Now I need to update my resume to include my new position. Can you assist me?
Rebecca Hanes, San Diego, CA

Congratulations! It was a pleasure to create your Federal Resume, and of course, I will be happy to update it with your new position.

Hi Sue,
I wanted to tell you that I accepted a job as Business Analyst in the Corporate Real Estate Department with —— Laboratories in the Bay Area with a 25% increase in pay! I can’t thank you enough. I always recommend you if someone is searching and should I need assistance again – you would be the first person I would contact! Cheers,
Oliver Christian, San Francisco, CA

I am so happy for you! It was great to be a part of your success. Please keep in touch.

Hi Sue, I just wanted to let you know I attended the Hilton Hotel job fair. After 4 hours and 4 interviews, I made it to the very end. They said I was selected as a final candidate, and they would be doing a background check and calling my references.

I am hoping for an offer, but they were interviewing candidates for two more days. The paper said that 2500 people had applied for 600 positions. I will keep you posted…

…I got the job! I have no doubt the amazing resume and cover letter you put together helped “seal the deal!” Thank you so much!
Jennifer Thompson, Springfield, IL

I am sure those were a couple of nerve-wracking days for you. But in the end, it all worked out. Congratulations on your new job!

Sue, Great job! It takes my experiences and makes them relevant to the job description that OSU has posted. I have read it several times and will probably read it again before sending it on. I don’t think I would make any changes at this point.

I had a conversation (mini interview) last week and they plan to bring me to campus. Looks like I will need to brush up on my presentation skills and maybe treat myself to a new tie.

Thanks again and don’t hesitate to give me any of your thoughts or suggestions as I move forward.
Grant Miller, Little Rock, AR

Based on our telephone conversations, I think you present yourself very well. That will not be a problem for you. The tie however… smiles. You are welcome to call me anytime to discuss your job search.

Sue, Bryan Norman here – the guy from Detroit that you crafted a resume for early last year. Just wanted to update you.

I recently accepted a job in Columbus at inChord (near Polaris Mall) as a Brand Voice Writer on a healthcare account, making 40% more than at my previous job in Detroit plus I am closer to my family.

So many, many thanks to you and the dynamite resume I was proud to have my name on.
Bryan Norman, Detroit, MI

I am pleased to hear from you and learn of the excellent results. It sounds as if you are excited about this step in your career. That is a very good sign. Please keep me posted.

Sue, I remain friends with the president of my former employer, so I gave him a copy of my resume. I thought you might like to see his comments: “Now that is a good-looking resume. I will try to pass it along to selected individuals. Your person did a great job.”

Thanks again for your help.
Ted James, La Habra, CA

You are welcome, Ted. With your background, I was able to make a strong case for you in your resume. I too think it makes you stand out from the crowd. I am pleased to hear the President agrees.

Sue, you are an angel. In my life, I have been fortunate to come across a few. You are one of them. Thank you so much. I am truly blessed to have found you.
Roberta Nolan, San Diego, CA

Thank you, Roberta. It was a pleasure working with you, and I wish you all the best.

This is great! Thanks so much for everything Sue!!!
Steven Carlson, Birmington, AL

You are most welcome. Your resume really stands out now, especially with all the experience and accomplishments you have to bring to the job.

Sue, I recommend you whenever someone asks. I did get a job right after we worked together. Now I am wrapping up that experience and about to go out on my own. I’m doing due diligence to document everything from this experience in the same manner as the previous positions, based on the questionnaire you gave me. The experience with you was super. Thanks!
Miguel Jimenez, Chicago, IL

Congratulations! I’m especially pleased that you found such value in the questionnaire. Many other clients have echoed your feelings, finding it a great way to remember important moments in their work histories.

After I started putting my resume (built by you) out into the market, I immediately started getting interviews. I got a few good offers over the last 6 months but turned them all down to work for Doctors Without Borders (MSF). I will be going on assignment with them by the end of the year. Once I finish my one year assignment with MSF, I will reach out to update my resume.
Brian Richardson, Syracuse, NY

I have long admired the Doctors Without Borders program and those who participate in it. Enjoy the experience, and when you’re ready to update your resume, I’ll be here!

Hi Sue, I am happy to say that I think the resume and letter of intent look great. I do not have any major revisions for you at this time. If I have any needs for adding things in the future, do you have any kind of return customer options? Just thinking about down the road if I would change jobs or when it’s time to apply as a NP!

Thank you again for all your help, you are super professional and I would refer anyone needing help with a great resume.
Will Larsen, Reno, NV

I’m so pleased you like your new resume and letter of intent. I enjoyed working on your project very much. Of course I offer return customer options and when you’re ready to move to the next phase of your career, we can talk about what is best for you.

Sue, Wow! I didn’t know just how much better you would make these! Thank You.
Gary Dennison, Minneapolis, MN

You are most welcome. You had all of the right tools. I just dressed up the tool box a bit.

Dear Sue: I am extremely pleased with both the CV and the letter of introduction. You have prepared two excellent documents for which I thank you very much. It was a pleasure working with you. If you wish to use me as a reference, I would be happy to do so. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Best personal regards.
Beth Peppers, New York, NY

Thank you so much for the kind words and offer to serve as a reference. I appreciate both very much, and I will take you up on your offer. I too enjoyed the project and wish you continued success.

Sue, Good morning. I am thrilled with the resume and cover letter. They are perfect. Thank you so much.

I had no idea I could look so good on paper. I knew this was the right thing to do, especially after the good success that Sherry had in landing a position at her desired organization.

I shall recommend you to all my friends when they are ready to make a career move. You are the best!

Please consider this email as an official referral and endorsement. Your questions sure brought out the best in both of us. I will let you know of my success once it happens. Have a great day! Sincerely yours,
Henry Charles, Albuquerque, NM

Thanks so much for the kind words and promise to share your success with me.

Good morning Sue, I would like to thank you for the work you did on my resume. I am very pleased with the final product.
Leah Miles, Chicago, IL

I am glad you are pleased with the resume. It was my pleasure to work with you, and best wishes in your job search.

Thank you for such a great and accurate resume. TJ is busy applying to all sorts of places. I will keep you updated! Merry Christmas.
Susan Knudsen, Miami, FL

You are welcome. I look forward to hearing about his successes.

I just wanted to inform you that I was selected for a GS11 Management Analyst position which I did accept today. Thank you for all your help over the years!!!!!

I always recommend you to others out there looking for a well-written resume.
Vickie Engles, Evansville, IL

You are most welcome Vickie. I hope this works out well for you. Please keep in touch.

Hi Sue, This is Brad’s wife, Sheridan. We are so grateful for all the help, advice, and direction you have given Brad in his job search!

We are overjoyed that he was able, with your invaluable assistance, to find another job so quickly in this tough job market. We would like to send you something to show our appreciation. Would you mind sharing with us an address where we can send it? Thanks again for everything.
Sheridan Verson, Phoenix, AZ

I am thrilled for you that Brad found another job so soon. I deeply appreciate your offer to send something, but it really isn’t necessary. Just knowing you are happy with my work is enough. I am pleased to be able to help both of you.

Sue, Everything looks great. You spun some straw into gold for me with this! I am so happy to have a marketing document I can be proud of. Thank you for your wonderful work. Sincerely,
Catherine Brock, Los Angeles, CA

You are most welcome. Your “straw” was excellent raw material that just needed to be presented in the best possible way for the job.

Thank you, Sue! It looks fabulous! So glad to have an updated resume after so many years, don’t know how you made sense of all that information but it is very well developed. Thanks again for everything! Take Care,
Heidi Johnson, Sioux City, IA

It was my pleasure to work with you. I wish you all the best in your job search.

Good day Sue. I hope all is well with you.

I just had to drop you a note to tell you how much I appreciate your help on my job search. The magic you perform, using the proper words and meaningful statements is simply amazing.

I feel you played a big role in the hiring process.

I would highly recommend your services to other job seekers. My hat’s off to you and thanks again for a job well done. You are the greatest!!! Employed very happily.
Tom Harting, Pittsburgh, PA

To hear that you are, as you put it, “Employed very happily” is a great pleasure to me. Not everyone can say that. I wish you the very best in your new job and career.

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