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We provide strategic-positioning, on-point, incredibly effective career services focused on what’s relevant now.

We customize our services to your unique talents and needs. And use our in-depth knowledge of the current job market to save you time and streamline your job search.

Our services not only focus on landing your next job but also on building a strong foundation for long-term career growth.

Initial Consultation

While many other providers gather information by asking people to fill out worksheets, we ask you to spend about 15 minutes talking to us. This complimentary telephone discussion gives us a chance to learn about your specific needs, answer your questions, address your concerns, and determine if we are a good fit to help you take the next step in your career.

Traditional Résumé, Federal Résumé, and Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A traditional résumé, federal résumé, and CV, have one common purpose: Get you interviews. We develop each of these documents not to list your job duties (obituary) but to creatively tell your story and position you for opportunities. Since only about 2% of applicants are offered interviews, our goal is to place you in that 2%, not in the dead-on-arrival stack.

Self-Marketing Letters

Self-marketing letters can distinguish you even more in a highly competitive market. Our skilled career strategists have more than two decades of experience creating cover letters such as value proposition; consulting; search firm; interview follow up; and information, advice, and referral. Each letter is keyword-rich and rifle focused to hit a clearly defined audience effectively and efficiently through clearly defined promotional strategies.

Career Biography

We will write a career biography that describes powerful highlights of your career, pulls readers into an engaging narrative about the evolution of your career, and reveals your unique promise of value, attributes, and competitive advantage. It will make readers understand that you are the person they need to speak with.

Job Search Coaching

Our skilled career strategists have the vast experience and knowledge you need to experience the momentum, accountability, and expertise that can mean the difference between a frustrating search and landing the job you want. Our six-point job search program will guide you through each phase of your job search by placing the spotlight squarely on your unique brand. You will be able to present a solid value proposition to employers and be fully prepared for the job interviews coming your way.

LinkedIn Profile

We will write a profile that makes a compelling impression on employers and recruiters, and helps you gain digital traction in professional networking and job searching. But that’s only the first step. We will also help you learn how to actively engage with the platform, highlight your value proposition, and harness the full potential of LinkedIn.

Interview & Salary Negotiation Coaching

Interviewing is a minefield, and we can help you navigate the hidden dangers. You will learn how to improve your approach to interviewing, refine your interviewing techniques, identify, and communicate compelling success stories aligned with employers’ needs, handle sensitive career issues, and negotiate the compensation package you deserve.

Strategy Session

Like every Résumé Plus client, when your project is complete, you will receive a complimentary 30-minute discussion tailored to your specific career situation. For example, you will learn what works/what doesn’t work in today’s market, gain insight into employers’ needs, communicate what makes you a good fit, know how to market yourself, and have a winning action plan for landing the job you want.

Ongoing Career Support

Unlike many other providers who disappear after your project is completed, we remain available to work with you as your career progresses. For example, if your résumé and LinkedIn profile need to be updated, you want to change careers or need help preparing for a critical interview, we will welcome the opportunity to assist you again.

Let’s discuss how we can help you

To learn more about how we help you get the job you want, please take a moment to schedule a complimentary Initial Consultation.

The session will last about 15 to 30 minutes. This would be an excellent opportunity to review your career goals, discuss the challenges you are facing, and answer any questions you might have. There will be no sales pitch and no obligation.

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