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Maximize the Value of Entry-Level Jobs

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Entry Level Jobs Are More Than Pit Stops


New grads can use internships and entry-level jobs as springboards to success. Here are some suggestions to maximize their value.

Look around for people you can use as mentors. Begin building relationships with them, watch what they do and pattern your actions after theirs. Join professional clubs and associations. They’re great places to network and even greater places to find wonderful mentors.

Soak everything in like a sponge. Pay attention to each facet of your job and become a subject matter expert.

Offer your ideas carefully. Don’t be afraid to offer ideas when you can, but be sure to show respect for the knowledge of your coworkers, especially those who have been around for a long time.

Approach every task with 100% commitment. Even “worm jobs” are worth doing well. You may find them boring and monotonous but don’t let this be obvious to others. Remember, you can learn something from every experience and internships and entry-level jobs are great for getting real-world experience.

Take and give credit as due. Take credit for your work and your gettingcontributions but don’t take credit for what others do or ideas they have shared with you. Demonstrating integrity, unity and a willingness to let others shine is important to make yourself stand out.

Give back. It’s great to get help from people you work with and people you network with, but it’s just as important to do what you can to help them. Remember, all relationships are two-way streets and if you’re not willing to help others, pretty soon you’ll find yourself traveling alone.

Don’t get too comfortable. When things are going just the way you want and you’re feeling really successful, don’t get too comfortable. Resting on your accomplishments can mean you’ve stopped moving forward. You have to keep pushing ahead and looking for new challenges if you want to continue growing in your career.

Be polite and considerate of others. Say “thank you” and offer to help out when you can. Good manners never go out of style and people will remember the way you treated them.

Remember: Internships and entry-level jobs are stepping stones to success. Make them work for you!

Sue Montgomery PotraitSue Montgomery is founder and president of Resume Plus ( She is a professional resume writer and career coach who markets people for the jobs they want. Contact Sue directly at 937-254-5627 or email