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How to Manage A Job Loss

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The Holiday Tradition of Job Loss

word-globe_opt-150x150It’s almost a holiday tradition that companies make cuts in December.  Over the years, I have talked with several people who have suffered a job losses due to economic downturns and other reasons.

One important piece of advice I gave them was to “Take care of yourself while you’re taking care of business.” It goes a long way in helping you get that next job.

Here are some ways to take care of yourself while you get past the job loss to find that next job. 

  • Maximize your productivity. Determine when you feel best during the day and schedule your most critical tasks for then. Some people are night owls; others shine in the morning.

  • Identify what brings the most ROI (Return on Investment). Is it networking with associates? Keeping your social media presence (Linkedin, Facebook, etc.) strong?  Find it and do it; stop wasting time on the others.

  • Keep a job-search journal. You can use sheets of paper, reference cards, a spreadsheet of something else. What’s important is to note everything you do and every response you get. It will keep you organized, focused, energized, and heading toward the new job.

  • Be sure to get enough sleep, eat well, exercise, spend time with family and friends and enjoy simple things like walking the dog, going to the movies or reading a good book. Feeling good physically and mentally is vital to dealing with a job loss and your ultimate your success.

  • Engage in professional development. Learn a new software program. Attend a conference. Take a class at the community college. Keep getting better.

  • Participate more in social media. Join a LinkedIn group. Start a blog. Get out there.

  • Enjoy life every day by taking good care of yourself while looking for your new job. You may be surprised by how much it impacts your success.

Don’t let a job loss define you. Use it as an opportunity to redirect your career.

Sue Montgomery PotraitSue Montgomery is founder and president of Resume Plus ( She is a professional resume writer and career coach who markets people for the jobs they want. Contact Sue directly at 937-254-5627 or email