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New Job – What’s It Gonna Take?

Getting a new job has a lot in common with losing weight. They both take work and discipline.


The New Face of Temp Jobs

Temp jobs and contract jobs can be your gateway to landing a full-time position in your industry, moving to an entirely new profession, or gaining the kind of job flexibility you’ve only dreamed about.


Turn Your Thank You Letter Into A Job-Cinching Letter

Write a thank-you letter that expresses more than your appreciation. Use it to get the job by showing how you can solve a problem for the company.

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Why Is Personal Branding Important?

Figuring out why personal branding is an important part of your job-search strategy is as simple as understanding why you pick one product over another.


Interviewing Tips To Get The Job You Want

Interviewing successfully could be as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. You may not be able to remember all the rules for interviewing, but keeping just 5 in mind could be the difference between getting the offer and getting the boot.


Keep Your Focus on Your Goals

If you want to succeed, you can’t let setbacks set you back. You have to focus on your goals and don’t let setbacks deter you.


Applying for a Federal Government Job

If you want to work for the federal government, you have to play by its rules. The federal resume is much different from a standard resume.


Your Job Search MUST Be Aggressive

Don’t post your resume online, then sit back and wait for the offers to come in.

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Dealing with Bad Career Decisions

Over time, bad career decisions can catch up with you and make finding a job very difficult.


Getting a Job May be as Easy as Readjusting Your Thinking

Adjust your job search to the new reality. Don’t whine about how things are and don’t think about how they were. Make today’s reality work for you.