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Career Planning Free from Guilt

The American cartoonist, Cathy Guisewite, whose “Cathy” cartoon had a 34-year run in multiple newspapers, described the four major guilt groups as food, love, career and mothers. Notice how “career” made it into the top three?


If You’re Not on LinkedIn, You Don’t Exist

LinkedIn is ingrained in corporate culture. Its competition is mostly headhunters and help-wanted ads. Many people think if you’re not on LinkedIn, you don’t exist.


Nontraditional Resume Works Best for Career Transition

Forget everything you know about resume writing if you are making a career transition. The standard format just won’t work. You need a nontraditional resume.


Interviewing and Hiring From an Employer’s Point of View

Getting your next job may be as easy as showing up on time for the interview, doing your homework about the company, having the right skill set, and making a good impression on the interviewer.


Maximize the Value of Entry-Level Jobs

You can turn your internship and entry-level job into a long-term career.


Job Hunting Mistakes New Grads Often Make

It takes more than a resume to look for your first job. Avoid these common mistakes.


Start Your Job Search While Still in College

Start your job search early. Get your feet on solid ground so you can begin running ahead of the pack on graduation day.


Don’t Look for a Job. Find a Career

Finding a career that suits you can bring lifelong satisfaction. Finding a job can lead to years of misery.

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Career Success Can Come From Patience and Persistence

Career success often depends on your patience and persistence. When you aren’t getting interviews for jobs you want, don’t settle for less.


Highest-Paying Jobs for Interns

In a recent survey, 25 companies were identified as the highest-paying jobs for interns with salaries as much as $75,000 a year.