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  • We deeply appreciate being identified as one of the Best 10 Resume Writers Online.
    There are thousands of professional resume writers out there, and to be ranked as a Best 10 resume writer is indeed an honor.Every resume written by ResumePlus is custom and unique.
    There is nothing mechanical, standard or “cookie-cutter” about our resume writing. Your resume will be as unique as your fingerprint. For example:

    • We take the time to interview you and understand your career goals, your special qualifications, and your in-depth experience and accomplishments.
    • We will uncover your hidden attributes, such as skills, experiences, education, and on-the-job learning that make you highly employable.
    • We will translate these into a focused, keyword-rich, custom resume that effectively markets you for the the next job in your career.

    Only our professionals work with you in writing your custom resume.
    Many resume services use formulas, templates, and programs that clerical persons utilize for resume writing. We do not do that. You will receive the personal attention and service of a professional in all aspects of the development of your resume. This ensures your resume will be written by an expert in the field of resume writing.

    Resumes are completed as quickly as possible.
    There are several variables that affect how long it takes to develop a quality resume. In all cases, we work with you to meet your time requirements. For example:

    • Your availability for interviews – we work with you as a team.
    • Your background and experience – clearly preparing the resume of a CEO with many years of business experience will naturally require more time than developing the resume of a new college graduate.
    • Your career field – creating a federal resume is more time consuming than developing a private-sector resume especially if it requires writing several KSAs (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) summaries, ECQs (Executive Core Qualifications) statements, or MPTQs (Mandatory Professional/Technical Qualifications) statements.

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    There are many other reasons why we were selected as one of the Best 10 Resume Writers online. I invite you to learn more about resumes, resume development, and our services through any of the links below:

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    I would be pleased to talk with you about your career and job objectives and review your existing resume for you at no cost or obligation. This would be a good means to determine how I can best help you.

    I invite you to contact me by any of the convenient means below:

    • Phone – 1-855-800-5627
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    I look forward to hearing from you.